For Kerateam is quality not a matter of luxury, it is a given. We have made it our mission to produce tiles that are beautiful and practical at the same time – while still satisfying customers with a good price/performance ratio.

This idea has been well-received: if we were to manufacture the 30 x 60 cm size tile at our total capacity for one year, we could span the Equator with tiles. Our designs and sizes are tailored to our customers' tastes. You can choose between a number of different ranges in our popular 20 x 25 cm, 25 x 33 cm and 30 x 60 cm sizes. After all, you should be able to design your own four walls just as you want them.

We are always thinking about what we can do for you. Kerateam manufactures a diverse range of non-vitreous wall tiles in the town of Leisnig/Saxony. The good price/performance ratio of this popular tile brand is owed not least to the modern and efficient technology used in the plant, which was established in 1995 and began production in 1997.